Touch-Timetable - The way to go!

Touch-Timetable is the fast travel app that can be set up according to your own requirements.


Swipe from the Geneva station to Locarno, and the app will show you the current connections from Geneva to Locarno. Specially designed for the Touch-Timetable, this feature of connecting two locations makes it easy to search for travel schedules.

The Touch-Timetable uses a travel schedule query system that is specially developed and optimized for the app. The intuitive system, along with its functional design, makes it extremely fast to search for travel connections.


The Touch-Timetable is as versatile as you. Arrange your stations with personalized photos, and design the travel app in a way that fits you best.

Introduction to the Touch-Timetable

Made by Ubique

The Touch-Timetable is an innovative product Ubique – Apps & Technology. We are a young and ambitious company aimed at developing the best apps by combining good design and modern technology: high quality and technology.


How did you come up with the idea for this app?

We regularly use public transit and wanted a fast app that was fully customized to meet the needs of the user. With the innovative idea of finding train connections simply by connecting the stations, we developed a corresponding design that was perfectly suited to smartphones.

How did you manage to make the app so fast?

We developed our own travel schedule query system that uses travel data to calculate the best connections. The system is specifically designed for smartphone use in order to ensure the best possible performance in response to the queries.


Is there something the Touch-Timetable seems to be missing, or something you especially like? We are constantly developing the Touch-Timetable to meet users' needs, and we appreciate your feedback: